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Framework Treaty

of the Regional Network of the EL


We, members of socialist and communist parties from different regions of Europe confirm our intention for political and organisational cooperation within the Party of the European Left.

On the basis of experiences in our regional cooperation we strive to deepen our relations, develop common activities and structures and thus make the European Left a real political power.

Despite different historical, national, and political experiences our aim is to actively implement the measures stated in the framework treaty within the network of the EL.

As observers or members of the Party of the European Left we consider it our duty to promote the process of the action unity for the interests of the people in our countries by a solidary cooperation in our regions and beyond, on national and European scale.

The working areas stated in the treaty offer the political structures of the EL the possibility to freely get in contact across borders and to develop and implement common political and cultural projects.

A major focus is the common fight for peace and antifascism, against capitalist globalising tendencies, as prerequisite for any democratic development in our countries.

The work in the SFEL-R serves as deepening of the solidary cooperation of regional structures of leftists in the European Union.

Existing bilateral relations remain unaffected by this framework treaty.

Organizational measures

  1. The major body of the network for implementing the framework agreements is the coordination council, to which one elected or assigned member of the agreement’s signatories belongs respectively.

    Coordinators are obligated to inform their party (structure) and are accountable.

    To the work of the coordination council of the SFEL-R the rules of procedure of 16.04.2010 apply.

    Single members of the EL affiliated in a circle of friends are to be fully integrated in the work of the SFEL-R on formal request.

    The „Forum“ is one of the central events for the implementation of the resolutions of the Party of the European Left and the working method of the SEFL-R and serves as as a board for communication and exchange of experiences of the signatories of the framework treaty.

    The activities of the SFEL-R as a network of the European Left (EL) will be supported politically, financially, and propagandistically in the framework of the political and material planning of the respective structure.

    The political and organisational projects will be jointly agreed. This requires coordination in the respective national party structures.

    A major value belongs to the coordination of parliamentary and common extra-parliamentary activities.

    Publications of declarations of the SFEL-R require unanimous assent of all members of the coordination council.

    Online reports on the work of the SFEL-R lie within responsibility of the main coordinator of the network, the spokesperson and their deputies.

    The formation of an editorial team of the SFEL-R for qualifying this work is recommended.


  1. The SFEL-R sets up an annual political agenda to frame the trans-border political work which will be coordinated with the national party structures and can thus be taken into budgetal consideration.

    The political work of the SFEL-R is aimed at the solidary cooperation of all democratic left forces in Europe.

    The Political and European Camp which developed over decades is essential part of the public relations of the SFEL-R and serves as a podium for the deepening of friendship and cooperation of leftists in Europe.

    The SFEL-R supports the solidary trans-border cooperation of members of the Party of the European Left, wether they are observer or member parties. As a network of the EL the SFEL-R is open to all left democratic parties in all regions of the EU.

    The SFEL-R aspires to support the contact and exchange of experiences of left groups on all levels of parliamentary cooperation.

    It organises informational events regarding the parliamentary work of the GUE/NGL.

    The SFEL-R supports left structures in building regional partnerships and contacts with left democratic parties.


DIE LINKE Land association - Brandenburg
Norbert Müller
Vice Land Chair

UV KSČM  Czech Republic
Petr Šimůnek
Vice Chair KSČM

EL network SFEL-R
Jaromír Kohlíček (KSČM)
Spokesperson of network SFEL-R

DIE LINKE  EL - Network  LAG.Brandenburg
Lothar Hoffmann

DIE LINKE.Brandenburg Communist platform
Bodo Hinkel

EL - Circle of Friends Brandenburg
Hannelore Hennig
Vice Spokesperson

DIE LINKE District association - Bautzen (Saxony)
Heiko Kosel
Member of district association

DIE LINKE Town association - Leipzig (Saxony)
i.A.  Andreas Halle
Town association

KSČM - Ústecký kraj 
Oldřich Bubeníček
Chair of district association

KSČM - Plzeňský kraj
Miroslav Kavij
Chair of district association

KSČM - Královéhradecký kraj
Václav Ort
Coordinator of district association

KSČM - Středočeský kraj
Marie Krejčová
Member of the Regional Committee

KSČM - OV  Litoměřice
Josef Šenfeld
Vorsitzender OV KSČM

KSS - Levice
Ján Hamar
Chair of OV KSS

KSS - Žiar nad Hronom
Štefan Hrdý
Chair of OV KSS

KSS - Martin
Štefan Tichý